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At Notch Communications, sustainable and environmentally responsible practices are embedded in our culture.

Our office is located in central Manchester, easily accessible by public transport such as train, tram and bus. We also have a cycle to work scheme.

To ensure we secure top talent for our clients without necessitating a long commute, we also operate a work from anywhere policy, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

In line with remote working, we like to keep things digital which minimises paper usage.

International travel is sometimes required in our business, and so we’re currently exploring carbon offsetting to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We offer an ethical pension plan and run recycling schemes such as clothes swaps and bottle top collections.

Sustainability is an important issue for individuals at Notch too, so we have our Eco Notchers platform to share environmental news and events – as well as recipes for Veganuary and meat-free Mondays.

We work with partners such as Moxworld, as part of an ecosystem to help drive positive sustainable change in the science and technology sector.

Sustainability is a priority for our clients, too. We help them to promote their sustainable products and technologies, raising awareness of green solutions.

Our corporate social responsibilities team ensures we are always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact, and help secure the future of the planet.